– * –

sweet fall of snow

all colour lost from the earth

marsh-mallow trees

– * –

dancing on my tongue

what taste this prickle

purely ice melting

– * –

a ‘Damien Hirst’

white upon white – upon white?

tasteless but nouveau!

– * –

Remembrance by Damien Hirst

Remembrance by Damien Hirst

The theme at Haiku-Heights is … Snow

Image © Damien Hirst


4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Thank you for making the effort!

    It was deliberately difficult but while the low contrast between text and background were obviously intentional, perhaps it made things just a little too difficult. I’ve changed it slightly.

    My intention is not to offer art critique; I find some of Hirst’s work to be extremely intelligent. Some, however, is repetition and occasionally mere production.

    However, I find that there are too numerous coincidences of interest that I share with DH – butterflies on flowers, mandalas and escape – to be too critical. Works of art, like poetry resonate with the observer and perhaps sometimes the failure to resonate with the observer / reader can lie with me rather than the artist?

  2. Its snowing in my place right now and I can see the marsh mallow trees ~

    I think the white artwork will be good against the black or darker background ~

    1. Hi Grace

      you’re so lucky – here we have only rain and more rain!

      You may well be right, however the intent is to show the ‘all colour lost’ and ‘white upon white … upon white’ of the poem (and heavenhappens is right, to some small extent, this may be a little critical of art, but then perhaps not – it is not my place).

      The artist Damien Hirst shows two of his white(ish) on white works: Forget and Remembrance upon a white background.. who then am I to over-ride this?

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