– * –

this magical path

with the sun behind a cloud

no yellow brick road


towards the “yellow” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

basin still filling

no wonder the source ran cold

its taking eternity

Photograph of a waterfall


towards the “bathing” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

suffocating breath

fog – obscuring mind – obscuring fog

am I even here


towards the “fog” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

can you not hear it

permeating ev’ry sound

a screaming silence


towards “the scream” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

au cœur de la forêt
dans une clairière ensoleillée
rêves de papillons


Rousseau, famed for his depictions of jungles, had never personally travelled to one

because of this, his work contained frequent errors  

I have spent a reasonable amount of time in France,

in fact an area said to have inspired some of Rousseau’s work,

but empathising with Rousseau, my linguistic efforts might not quite be 100%

in English then:

at the heart of the forest

in a sunny clearing

dreams of butterflies

The world in our hands - a butterfly photograph

Henri Rousseau kept at a mundane job that allowed him to support his family

and to pursue his passion for art.

Like so many people, then, Rousseau was himself a dreamer, but he worked ’til his dreams came true. 

towards the “dreams” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

just plucking my string

the resonance that follows

reports the true path


as an archer myself I note how the sound of the bowstring

tells how true the arrow flies, even before it strikes

towards the “sharing” Haiku Shuukan theme at Carpe Diem:

The archer who does not share with others the
joy of the bow and the arrow will never know his own qualities and defects.

Letting fly - archery photograph

– * –

how perfect I am

she says so brilliantly

exposing her flaw


Ruby ring photograph

– * –

ten thousand suns

depicted in swirling leaves –

each a day without you


towards the “impressionism” theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

come – meet me my love

in the night garden – tulips

shall meet – what flowers


towards the “tulips” theme at Carpe Diem

– * – 

as if blotting snow

a rash of poppies blooms

upon your pallid skin


towards the “poppies” theme at Carpe Diem

– * – 

at the window pane

tapping – begging to come in

staccato raindrops


wishing everyone a happy new year

– * – 


tree – it seems you cling

just as much to this earth

rooted to the spot


undercut by a mountain stream, this tree is slowly being eroded out of the hillside

– * –

the moon in a pool

how brightly glistens

the mud of this world


as afternoon turns into early evening in these northern latitudes

puddles on the path left by recent rain reflect the early risen moon

yet does the moon’s reflection lie on the surface

or like a mirror, does the image depend on its backing?

Mud … the temperate latitudes answer to the Buddha’s ‘dust’.

– * –

this wintry wind

brings to you and I both – tree

bad hair day


being bald / shaven headed, I have no hair to speak of

yet this wind is enough to give even me a bad hair day

and one adorned with twigs at that!

– * –

lasting a lifetime

upon opaque paper

words lifting from the page

– * –

  Despite the evanescent nature of the text it holds, I am intrigued that a reviewer of  The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, Kazuaki Tanahashi, finds value in the quality of the paper and the perceived longevity of the binding.

– * –

at last it seems now

even the wind has left me

alone with my thoughts


A lull in the wind of a storm as Hurricane Gonzalo approaches

– * –


the river of life

does it flow around you, stones

or over you too


the music of the stream is supported by the base booming of large cobbles and boulders colliding under the torrent

– * –

so good just to have

my own tea ceremony:

turn the pot around

– * –


towards the “tea” theme at Carpe Diem

I really enjoy a cup of tea. Each time I make one, rather than stir the tea, I turn the pot slowly around three times.

I then leave it to stand a short while and simply contemplate while the tea infuses.

If you enjoy eastern philosophy and tea, then you might like The Book Of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, usually free for the Kindle via the link.

Please find another tea themed poem here!

– * –


nebulous blossom

a path we must all follow

to walk in the stars

– * –


towards the Milky Way “Amanogawa” theme at Carpe Diem

Amanogawa is a narrow, columnar formed Japanese flowering cherry tree (see RHS), named after the Milky Way. Looking at a tree in flower, it is easy to see why it is named so. Of course cherry blossom has excellent connotation to life and its evanescent nature. Like it or not, this transient existence is something we all share in common.

– * –

should I sit

alone but for Issa’s friends

just knitting the mist

– * –


towards the spider theme at Carpe Diem

– * –

is there no blossom

as emits such sweet perfume –

leaves of katsura

– * –


After Shiba Sonome:

some blossoms there are that nobody sees— an oak deep in the woods.

In Autumn, the leaves of the Katsura tree turn spectacular colours and issue a smell that is reminiscent of candy floss.

Carpe Diem


14 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading these. I tried translating your butterfly poem before I saw your English translation. My only difference was I had a “sunny glade.” Your English translation was great. I loved reading all your explanations as well as the poems. Have a wonderful day!

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