the black hills

– * –

this Autumn morning

where lies the first light of dawn

behind a black hill

darkness crowds at a window

concealing a golden light

– * –

all through these woodlands

have I not been here before

where all these paths lead

but still should I not explore

the far reaches of my heart

– * –

where once we walked

the wind racing through pine needles

light! dancing shadows

a dog chasing the red fox

what courses these memories?

– * –



– * –

heart of the city

the wish of plaintive birdsong

mid-winter’s approach

– * –

A haiku written towards the theme of Haiku-heights weekly prompt: wish… 


– * –

One day I thought that I’d found love

but could not hold it tight

the hardest thing I ever did

was to let that love take flight

– * –

I watch an object falling:

it falls away to nought

and the only thing that’s left behind

is the figment of a thought

– * –

I saw then how you fell from me

and I fell right into space

the only thing I could keep in mind

was the vision of your face

– * –

Then one day you came back to me –

walked right into my heart

now our love will be forever true

and we shall never part

– * –

Let me lift you to the heights

and watch you pale the sun

and compare your beauty with the moon

when our day is done

– * –