dust of this world

– * –

dreaming of blue skies

under the dust of this world

even moss pales

stream … haste!

rush on by

sitting atop a rock – snow

vanishes silently

stream, weighed down by the world

leaves – promises to return

empty on the breeze

– * –


dust of this world - photograph

Photo by the author

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wind swept

– * –

high above the town – birds

a tree covered with ivy

chattering excitedly

silent clouds scud overhead

sweeping dried leaves from the sky

– * –

The last day of August, 2014.

At twilight, before the horizon, the late summer sun sets behind a bank of cloud.

Over Mont St. Michel, the sky is clear, save an occasional floc that drifts on the wind.

As the light fades, numerous flocks of birds rise from the grassy tidal plains, alighting in the same tree,

looking down on the small commercial centre still buzzing with people.

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my work

if you should feel inclined, please feel free to leave your mark and

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the black hills

– * –

this Autumn morning

where lies the first light of dawn

behind a black hill

darkness crowds at a window

concealing a golden light

– * –

all through these woodlands

have I not been here before

where all these paths lead

but still should I not explore

the far reaches of my heart

– * –

where once we walked

the wind racing through pine needles

light! dancing shadows

a dog chasing the red fox

what courses these memories?

– * –


– * –

how do you know me

let’s spend some time together

just chewin’ the fat

are we chasing the dragon

or the flaming pearl of wisdom

– * –


towards the “tea” theme at Carpe Diem

This waka blends the traditional Yorkshire greeting, ‘how do’ and the Japanese words ‘yunomi’ and ‘chawan’: Japanese terms for the less formal and more formal tea bowls.

shut out the world

– * –

behind the curtain

though I shut out all the world

do raindrops come knocking

in trees the wind urges: hush!

the drains run away chortling

– * –


the first rains arrive announcing that Hurricane Gonzalo approaches the UK

The Stream

– * –

two banks
ever awaiting a bridge
a stream flowing by

– * –

Sometimes we need to be brave and reach out even though we risk rejection. 

A haiku written in response to Bodhisattvaintraining‘s post: That Question Again


– * –

One day I thought that I’d found love

but could not hold it tight

the hardest thing I ever did

was to let that love take flight

– * –

I watch an object falling:

it falls away to nought

and the only thing that’s left behind

is the figment of a thought

– * –

I saw then how you fell from me

and I fell right into space

the only thing I could keep in mind

was the vision of your face

– * –

Then one day you came back to me –

walked right into my heart

now our love will be forever true

and we shall never part

– * –

Let me lift you to the heights

and watch you pale the sun

and compare your beauty with the moon

when our day is done

– * –

The Desert

– * –

backs to the wind

fell-ponies thirst watching

water blow as sand

– * –

across the fell-side

frost over ice hisses:

“deny even the roots!”

– * –

through frosted windows

even puddles are hollow


– * –

from shivering winds

insulated – the white hill

below its blanket

– * –