dust of this world

– * –

dreaming of blue skies

under the dust of this world

even moss pales

stream … haste!

rush on by

sitting atop a rock – snow

vanishes silently

stream, weighed down by the world

leaves – promises to return

empty on the breeze

– * –


dust of this world - photograph

Photo by the author

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– * –

how do you know me

let’s spend some time together

just chewin’ the fat

are we chasing the dragon

or the flaming pearl of wisdom

– * –


towards the “tea” theme at Carpe Diem

This waka blends the traditional Yorkshire greeting, ‘how do’ and the Japanese words ‘yunomi’ and ‘chawan’: Japanese terms for the less formal and more formal tea bowls.

shut out the world

– * –

behind the curtain

though I shut out all the world

do raindrops come knocking

in trees the wind urges: hush!

the drains run away chortling

– * –


the first rains arrive announcing that Hurricane Gonzalo approaches the UK