now we’re both alone

in an ocean of people

we drifted apart

in the lake-mirrored sky

dance the reflection of reeds


on the theme ‘how lonely’ at Carpe Diem

– * –

awaking again

this morning relieved to see

quarter past seven

if only the long hand

was not so short: vice-versa

did I paint black lines

under your eyes – all last night

you went without sleep

this morning you bring me tea

but leave without a kiss


– * –

did you not dare dream

that we could be together

while you pushed us apart

the boughs of a tree embrace

even the coldest of winds


a tanka to help kick-start Kristjaan’s new

Tanka shrine

– * –

4 thoughts on “Tanka

  1. These are gorgeous — beautifully captured — reminiscent of Akiko Yosano’s “Girl with Tangled Hair”. Especially the black lines — exquisite.

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