– * –

sweet fall of snow

all colour lost from the earth

marsh-mallow trees

– * –

dancing on my tongue

what taste this prickle

purely ice melting

– * –

a ‘Damien Hirst’

white upon white – upon white?

tasteless but nouveau!

– * –

Remembrance by Damien Hirst

Remembrance by Damien Hirst

The theme at Haiku-Heights is … Snow

Image © Damien Hirst

The Silence

– * –

I have no words

just the silence of respect

let peace be found.

– * –

A haiku written in response to the post by unfetteredbs.

I don’t know… should I even post these thoughts? It feels like I have a guilt of ego at a time when ego should have no place.

In contrast, let each person speak – or hold as they so choose – according to how they would wish to convey their respects.

Let the fear of disturbing silence never stand in the way of broaching an issue that would interrupt such horrors ever again occurring.

The Stream

– * –

two banks
ever awaiting a bridge
a stream flowing by

– * –

Sometimes we need to be brave and reach out even though we risk rejection. 

A haiku written in response to Bodhisattvaintraining‘s post: That Question Again


– * –

One day I thought that I’d found love

but could not hold it tight

the hardest thing I ever did

was to let that love take flight

– * –

I watch an object falling:

it falls away to nought

and the only thing that’s left behind

is the figment of a thought

– * –

I saw then how you fell from me

and I fell right into space

the only thing I could keep in mind

was the vision of your face

– * –

Then one day you came back to me –

walked right into my heart

now our love will be forever true

and we shall never part

– * –

Let me lift you to the heights

and watch you pale the sun

and compare your beauty with the moon

when our day is done

– * –